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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, aka neurotherapy, aka eeg biofeedback is a very effective means of addressing a variety of problems that have a neurological/brain basis. It is one of several types of biofeedback used for treating various disorders. Traditional treatment of psychological disorders often involve the use of powerful medications which often have powerful, undesirable side effects and whose use is sometimes controversial.

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Neurofeedback provides an effective adjunct or alternative treatment to psychotropic medications that is natural and produces no side effects. Neurofeedback is not new, and has been successfully used by psychologists to treat a variety of disorders for over thirty years. Recently neurofeedback has received a lot of media attention.

What Is Neurofeedback ? - EEG INFO Videos

Neurofeedback is a natural non-invasive treatment modality for a wide variety of dysfunctions. It works by providing feedback about the stability/instability of the functioning of the brain; the brain receives the feedback and self-corrects, permitting profound transformational change and increased performance. With renormalization of brain function, normalcy is restored without the need for intrusive personal disclosure.

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