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Neurofeedback as Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Depression is a common reaction to many life circumstances, although it can sometimes occur for no discernible reason. It is often accompanied by disturbances of appetite (eating excessively or not enough), disturbances of sleep (excessive sleeping or insomnia), loss of enjoyment of previously enjoyable activities and feeling down or depressed. It is sometimes accompanied by suicidal feelings or ideas. It often is accompanied by anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are often developed suddenly or for no apparent reason. They are commonly accompanied by panic attacks, sweaty hands, rapid breathing, shivering, and a sense of agitation. People often mistake the symptoms for a heart attack. It is not under the control of the person and they are usually not able to "snap out of it". Persons with anxiety disorders often fear they are losing their minds.

Psychotropic medication is often helpful for these conditions, but some patients experience very undesirable side effects and others do not respond adequately to these medications. Others object to taking such powerful drugs either for personal or religious reasons. Neurofeedback has proven very successful in helping numerous individuals and has received media attention for its success with these disorders.


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